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Special transducers

Miniature probes

Adaptation to space constraints

Some parts with complex geometry or small dimensions require very small probes for their inspection.

Imasonic has developed special know how to design and manufacture miniaturised probes for these application.

Small diameter immersion or contact probes

Miniature contact and immersion probes (down to 1mm active diameter)

More information about custom immersion probes >>
More information about custom contact probes >>

Low profile TOFD probes

Examples of 5MHz 2mm thick articulated
and irragated TOFD probes for CRD inspection

More information about extra flat probes for CRD inspection >>



Small footprint / low profile phased array probes

Examples of 10MHz 16ch small footprint linear array, 10MHz 26ch 3,5mm thick linear array

More information about small footprint phased array probes >>

More information about low profile phased array probes >>

High density matrix array probes

Example of 5MHz 16x16 channel
10x10mm active area matrix array probe

More information on matrix phased array probes >>


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